Pentoxifylline, the medicinal pillar of the PENTOCLO triad, has no longer been marketed in France for several months, but remains available abroad (Switzerland, Spain, England, USA, etc.).

The current alternatives would be: via ARSER, to make PENTOXIFYLLINE available to you (contact us) OR to offer a therapeutic alternative by substitution with a similar available drug.

BIG NEWS for all those who wish to support ARSER beyond simple membership:

the French Tax Administration has finally been kind enough to indicate to ARSER that donations made to it were also deductible in France up to 66% of the taxable income of their donors: if you wish, you can now use this possibility by going to bulletin page to make a donation (alone or in addition to your contribution).

Issue 11 of journal « PSYCHOSOMATIQUE INTÉGRATIVE »  is now online in « Testimonials, News & Chronicles » pane.