Pentoxifylline, the medicinal pillar of the PENTOCLO triad, has no longer been marketed in France for several months, but remains available abroad (Switzerland, Spain, England, USA, etc.).

The current alternatives would be: via ARSER, to make PENTOXIFYLLINE available to you (contact us) OR to offer a therapeutic alternative by substitution with a similar available drug.

Issue 11 of journal « PSYCHOSOMATIQUE INTÉGRATIVE »  is now online in « Testimonials, Papers & Chronicles » pane.


GOOD NEWS for all patients undergoing PENTOCLO treatment: Pentoxifylline™ is available back from EG LABO (EUROGENERICS Laboratories)

NEW: Vascular complications paper published in the international journal Radiotherapy Oncology

Radiation-induced arteriopathy in long-term breast cancer survivors, an underdiagnosed situation?: Critical and pragmatic review of available literature.

Published by Pr Sylvie Delanian in international journal Radiotherapy Oncology
2021 ; 157 : 163-174 in january with support of ARSER research.

Editorial with Danielle V.’s testimony also relates to this question.