Overview & Editorial

ARSER’s main objective is to develop research into the after-effects of radiotherapy, and thus, to achieve this, to raise funds.

Its aim is not to establish basis for claim: ARSER is not intended to group patients considering they are “victims” of radiotherapy. Rather ARSER wants to inform patients and doctors about the progress of the research on the after-effects of radiotherapy and to finance it.

Dr. Sylvie Delanian is one of the very first physicians in the world to have cared about the after-effects of radiotherapy as a radiotherapist and to have provided answers, particularly for treatments that have been in effect for more than 10 years.

Along with Jean-Louis Lefaix, a researcher at the CEA, and then with Dr. Pierre-François Pradat, neurologist, she led research to better understand the mechanisms and develop new treatments to reduce these after-effects.

Many patients cured of their cancer long ago, called “long-term survivors”, and no longer undergoing medical treatment, are often unaware that the ill-systematised symptoms they suffer are after-effects of radiotherapy.


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