Aide et accessibilité

The accessibility of the site was designed in partnership with its designer, who specializes in web accessibility and disability awareness.
In order to achieve a good level of accessibility, certain good practices have been implemented at each stage of the project: from the functional design phase, to the creation of models, to technical development.
Thus, thanks to the follow-up of these accessibility recommendations, the functionalities and content of the ARSER site can be used and consulted by everyone, including people with disabilities.
We invite anyone who encounters difficulties of use or consultation, to contact us at

A site that adapts to the user
The ARSER site is an adaptive website; it is “Responsive Web Design”. Clearly, its design offers the Internet user a comfortable consultation regardless of the screen he uses: computer (PC or Mac), tablet, smartphone, etc. because this method allows the site to adapt to any type of device in a transparent way for the user.

The main logo
On all the pages, the “ARSeR” logo, displayed at the top of the page, allows you to return to the home page of the site with a single click.

The menu
The menu, located in the horizontal banner, allows you to access the sections and main pages of the site. It is a menu controllable at the same time with the mouse, the keyboard and the finger for the touch screens.

The footer
The footer allows you to access additional pages such as the “Legal Notice” page.

For Forums, a breadcrumb trail is displayed at the top of the main content. This breadcrumb allows you to locate yourself in the Forums tree structure. It shows you the path taken from the Forums home page to the current page and also allows you to go back up in the tree structure.

The search engine
On all the pages, a search engine is available in the horizontal navigation banner.
When you perform a search, the site’s search engine lists the pages that contain the search terms.

In addition to the help available directly on the site, it has been designed to give your browser the opportunity to take full advantage of its own features.

Character size enlargement
On all the pages of the site, you have the possibility of enlarging the size of the characters.
If you are on PC, use the key combination “Ctrl” + “+” to enlarge the font size. The “Ctrl” + “-” key combination reduces the size of the characters. Successive presses on these keys allow you to increase or decrease the size of the characters in stages. Also note that the key combination “Ctrl” + “0” (the number “zero”) allows you to return to the default text size.
Mac users, simply replace the “Ctrl” key with the “Cmd” key in the combinations announced above to perform the same actions.

Keyboard navigation
This site has been designed to allow keyboard navigation on all pages.
In most cases, you just need to tap the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate successively from one clickable element to another clickable element on the page.
Conversely, if you want to go up in the reverse direction of the reading, use the “Shift” + “Tab” key combination.

Keyboard users, you can print any page of the site by accessing the desired page and then simultaneously pressing the “Ctrl” + “P” keys on your keyboard if you are on a PC or “Cmd” + “P” if you’re on a Mac.

Keyboard users, you have the option to bookmark any page.
To do this, access the desired page, then press the “Ctrl” + “D” keys on your keyboard if you are on a PC, Cmd + D if you are on a Mac.

PDF Documents
This site offers PDF documents for download.
Viewing this type of document requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge at this address:

We wish you good browsing on the ARSER site.